I am...


The IAM website exists to support teenage and young adult patients with cancer. We know there are many areas in a young person's life that are impacted by having a cancer diagnosis.

Filling out an IAM assessment helps you (and us) to understand your needs so we can work together to get you the right support.


IAM wheel



The IAM consists of a wheel displaying 10 different areas of life. By working around the wheel, and scoring yourself in each area, you can identify where you need support.

There are also links to websites and other information that might be helpful to you.


patient with mobile


The IAM is a mobile friendly website meaning you can access it wherever and whenever you like on your own mobile device.

Or, you can fill out the assessment in the hospital, with as much or as little guidance from the TYA team as you feel you need.



The website is password protected, putting you in control of your information.

You control the release of your scores, we will only see them when you are ready.

The IAM allows you space to record how you feel and you decide how much you want to share.

You can request a face-to-face meeting (1:2:1) via the website. We will get in touch to arrange an appointment for you to talk to a member of the team.



My Journey


You can complete the IAM as frequently as you wish i.e. up to 1 assessment per day as your score may differ depending on where you are in your treatment schedule, or whether there are other events happening in your life.

As you fill out more IAM assessments, you may be able to see patterns and be able to ask for support at appropriate times for you.

The ‘My Journey’ function will allow you to view how your scores / needs have changed over time.